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Premium active streetwear



Saw the Burnt Studios pop up randomly on my insta. I had never heard of the brand before. I immediately fell in love but I was quite sure it would be really tough to get my hands on this gorgeous merch because I've been sucked in by too many online shops for their beautiful clothes but after some digging, realise that the store has very few positive reviews because shipments take too long or don't arrive at all! The price is really reasonable for quality gym wear and I'm in love with the colour pallette. It was my birthday on Tuesday 28 May and when I made a last min decision to splash out and spoil myself on the Thursday night before, I was sure it was going to be at least a week before I'd see any packages arriving. Exceeding all my expectations, my bday present to myself arrived on Monday, the day before my bday, nevermind having to wait even a full week. I LOVE my podium tights and my razor back black bra so much I don't want to take them off. I love the way I feel when I have them on! The package also arrived with a hand written note making me feel like a real member of the #orangetagtribe! Thank you for blowing me away Burnt Studios. I'll be back soon.😉


You’ve topped the charts: from an easy ordering process, to super fast delivery, to personalized notes and beautifully wrapping: Thank you for paying attention to all areas of the customers experience! Oh and I love the leggings too and my sister loves the ones I got her too :)

Astrid Schwarz

I’m an ‘active wear’ kinda gal and so I really struggle to find clothing that’s comfortable, trendy, durable & that I’m actually able to train in. Finding pieces that tick all of the above are really difficult to find. Burnt.... has this all! Their pieces are flawlessly made, tried, tested and approved. Not only is this brand creating a whole different avenue for active wear, they remain true to the core of it- quality, comfort & value for money. 
I would happily be in Burnt gear every day! Thank you Burnt!!!!

Alise Ferreira

Love the slimming high waisted band! The leggings are so comfy and do not ride up or roll down AT ALL while running.

Klara Cronje

The finish line leggings are the perfect combination of stylish, yet affordable, quality trainttights. I am over the moon with the results of this item, and feel that it honestly meets the quality of my Nike running tights. It is however more affordable and therefore a MUST have item at the moments.

Mienke Ehlers

This sports bra just sits absolutely perfect. It give you the support you need and looks fab!
Best sports bra I own!

Anni-Mart Jansen van Vuuren


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